Trainer Recommended 

"I have used the Lead Mate and it works great. I was walking a dog yesterday that can be reactive sometimes. A dog surprised us from behind a car and she lunged pretty hard. Luckily my hand was secure and I didn't have a problem holding her back. During the walks it feels very comfortable in my hand. 


I let my friend/trainer, Sue Michaels, try one. She has a bunch of knots in her leash usually. This is what she had to say, "I love it! The size is perfect for your hand. It fits very comfortably, especially the way I hold my leash. I can now take out all the knots in my leash and use this instead. And I like the fact that you can easily adjust it a few inches in each direction to put it in the right position. Plus it is easy to put on and off. No rope burn or getting pinched by a knot".


Cheryl Johnson Collett, Certified Dog Trainer, CA 

The Lead Mate unscrews completely so that you can position it onto any lead in any position you desire. I tried with multiple sizes/shapes/materials of leashes and long-lines and had no problem getting it to “grip”. They appear to work with any type of lead.

Lead Mate seems like a great way to simply and easily adjust how much freedom my dog gets. It will work well for a lot of training situations too, such as using a longline for heel or stay work where you are slowly expanding how much freedom you are giving your dog.

All around, the Lead Mate makes walking your dog much safer and gives you a lot more choices when it comes to how much freedom you give your dog. Even more importantly, during an emergency you have the chance to get your dog back to you quickly, something that a retractable leash does not allow.





Kristina Lotz - Certified dog trainer and writer for

Veterinarian Recommended 

"I can't believe how wrong my initial instinct was!  The Lead  Mate is incredibly simple and effective, helping with a problem I didn't realize I had.


My biggest surprise was how comfortable and natural it is to hold!  Seriously, it is very easy to grip and feels incredibly comfortable.  The shape makes it easy to hold tightly without feeling like you're squeezing with a death-grip.


Probably the strangest product I didn't realize I needed! One I can't imagine hasn't been invented before."


Dr. Chris Bern - Veterinarian, A Vets Guide To Life

Great for those with grip issues

“Lead Mate is a simple but effective device designed to make dog-walking safer and more comfortable. If you find yourself wrapping your dog’s leash around your wrist or fingers to maintain a good grip (hands up, all you walkers-of-leash-pullers!), Lead Mate provides a convenient way to keep a secure, comfortable hold on your leash, preventing injuries and making walks more pleasurable.

Lead Mate made gripping Mingus and Dottie’s leashes much more comfortable than wrapping the leash around my fingers and hand, which is my usual habit. I always felt like I had good, firm control of the leash while using Lead Mate, and its grip seemed equally effective on both leather and rope leashes. Lately I’ve been struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome (ugh), and Lead Mate’s ergonomic design has made holding the leash SO much easier and more comfortable for me.

Katherine Becker - Dog Milk

Used by industry professionals

"The slickest product I have seen in a long time" (Video review above) 

Ed Frawley - Dog Trainer. Owner of