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See why Dog Trainers love our new 

Training & Walking Tool

  • Voted best leash of 2019 by Reviewed.com 

  • Voted best leash of 2019 by USA Today

  • Ergonomic and Comfortable - also perfect for those with Arthritis

  • Strong enough to hang from so no chance of it slipping 

  • Ultra-light weight 

  • Easily adjustable – attaches in an instant

  • Made from 100% Recycled materials

  • Gives you the perfect grip




We've all been there - what started as a relaxing and leisurely walk with our
best friend turns into a virtual tug of war with a wild beast!

Lead Mate can help

The Lead Mate range of products have been designed to make training and walking your dog easy.

The system creates a comfortable, safe and pain free environment for both you and your dog.  

Lead Mate & Leash Combo

Vet & Trainer Endorsed
Training & Walking Leash

Original Lead Mate

For Rope type Leashes

Vet & Trainer Endorsed
Training & Walking tool

Original Lead Mate

For Flat Leashes

Vet & Trainer Endorsed
Training & Walking tool

Lead Mate Harness & Leash Combo

Vet & Trainer Endorsed Complete
Training & Walking System
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Endorsed by Veterinarians - Trainers have been using Lead Mate as a tool for creating better leash manners.

We've also had great reviews from sufferers of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and generally those with issues getting a good, comfortable grip on their lead.

Also perfect for that occasional 'mongrel' moment
What people are saying


"My biggest surprise was how comfortable and natural it is to hold!  Seriously, it is very easy to grip and feels incredibly comfortable.  


The shape makes it easy to hold tightly without feeling like you're squeezing with a death-grip"

A NEW way to look at that OLD leash
Our goal is to make your dog walk easier


The idea originated from tying knots in our own leads in order to gain better control and also reduce the strain and danger wrapping the lead around your wrist can cause - something we've all done before.






Simply screw Lead Mate onto your existing lead - it literally takes a moment,

secures with enough force to hang from and can be repositioned just as easily.


We have 2 models - one for flat webbing style and another for rope style leashes.

So no matter what type your favorite lead is - we've got a Lead Mate to fit.




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For best results we recommend using a Lead Mate in conjunction with a front attaching harness. This transfers your dogs pulling force into sideways motion preventing them from being able to pull as hard.


We have recently partnered with the RSPCA and support their Lead By Example Campaign 

click this link to check it out


Lead Mate was invented to prevent the dangers of wrapping the leash around your wrist and has the added benefit of reducing pain and discomfort associated with handling the leash on its own. 

Unique Design

Ergonomic – With over 16,000 hospital treated injuries due to dog leashes every year... Lead Mate eliminates the problems and potential hazard clutching at or wrapping the dog leash around your wrist can impose. 


Strong and Secure – strong enough to hang from so no chance of it slipping. Made from the same ABS plastic as Lego blocks so you know it's super strong. 


Ultra-light weight – half the weight of a similar size knot of leash so won’t swing around annoyingly when not in use. Doesn’t shorten your leash either.


Easily adjustable – attaches and repositions in an instant

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Giving Back


In America alone 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year due to shelter shortages. Our goal is to reduce this number so 10% of all profits will go to shelters that are working to reduce euthanasia.


In addition to providing funds, we donate Lead Mates to help with the daily walking of shelter dogs; which can often be a difficult task. Several shelters were involved with the development and initial prototype testing with great results.





Super durable -  simple really - so it lasts. 


100% Recycled - every Lead Mate and all packaging is produced from 100% recycled materials in North America.  

Satisfaction Guarantee - we are so confident you'll love your Lead Mate that if you don't, simply return it with your sales receipt within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.



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